HELLO. So happy you stopped by to check out my virtual world. I hope you find that the available resources help you begin to create more calm in your day. I understand the desire for serenity. In fact, for years it eluded me. As a result, I found myself in what you might call a “self-growth immersion” for the past decade or so.

Inspiration to experience more ease, beauty, and happiness is what fuels me each day. What I have found along the way is when you take the time to intentionally create inner AND outer worlds that allow for moments of calm and expressions of loveliness, your every days become extraordinary… most often in the most ordinary of moments.

Tranquility isn’t as always as easy as it sounds. The feelings we want to feel, the goals we strive to reach, and the life we desire to create may feel unattainable. Finding your way home to the sacred space of self-possession is through multiple doors of courage. That place within that is untouchable by time, circumstances, or outside influences. A safe place no one can take from you and also that no one (unfortunately!) can create for you.

So what do I offer? Writing, energy work, coaching, and speaking are my routes of support. I do believe my purpose is to share information in ways that inspire you to begin treating yourself, your surroundings, and others in ways that evoke more kindness, warmth, and love.

Professionally, I’ve enjoyed 20 years of corporate leadership experience where I honed the skill of tapping into the strengths and energy of others to support them in reaching a higher level of performance. I’m passionate about helping people harness their unique gifts in order to effectively create happier lives with their work teams—and home teams as well.

By cultivating true self-acceptance, anyone is capable of creating more tranquility in their lives and as a result the lives of those they touch. When you begin to feel the way you want to feel, you find the work you are here to do occurs naturally and with ease.

My work is based on two foundational elements:
#1 Staying in your own lane
#2 Strengthening your instinctual intellect (aka your intuition.)

While it’s tempting to default to the desire of controlling what is outside your realm of influence, your true power arrives when you come back to you. Sounds simple? Yes.
Easy to do? Not always.

I attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, graduated with a degree in secondary education, and spent 20 years in training and senior leadership roles with Quest Diagnostics, National Dentex Corporation, and Abbott Labs.

Using this conventional success as a foundation for my true calling, I became certified as a coach through the International Coaching Federation and am the only U.S. certified individual in Pursuit Development Lab’s “Personal Values” Program.

I’ve also had the gift of many mentors in my life. Some well known…others working miracles quietly in their own communities. I integrate my life experiences and the best components of these teachings to benefit you.

My free time is spent with loved ones and bringing my work to volunteer roles at Notre Dame School of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center. I also enjoy blogging for MKE Lifestyle Magazine, spending time with my family and of course long walks with my English Setter, Birdie (aka “Her Ladyship”).

I look forward to working with you.