Live Online 4-Week Course

Your present-day choices predict your reality tomorrow.

I’m not a psychic who can tell you your future, but I am intuitive about my own life… and so are you!

You were born with what I call “instinctual intellect” otherwise known as intuition. The thing is, as the fairy dust dissolved and “real life” appeared, you may have forgotten your power. Your power to craft your ideal life and courageously make the personal and professional choices to support that vision.

The problem is, your inner Yoda can get overshadowed. Think back to a big decision you made that created the complete opposite of what you had hoped for. Was your head/ego in charge? How would the outcome have been different if you’d listened to the quiet whispers? The good news is while you can’t go back in time, you can begin today, in this moment right here right now, to choose a new way of creating your reality.

I can tell you after years of being borderline addicted to asking others for the answers, I finally stepped beyond my fears, started incorporating habits that added to rather than drained my energy, and am now happily addicted to listening to my own voice.

In the online course, I share 4 essential steps to calm your vibes, quiet the noise, and clear the clutter so you can begin to consciously create your ideal life.

“I have a story to share that I hope will make your day… I landed a new job last week…But the best part is I pulled out my notebook from the seminar I went to a year ago. I was reading the section on manifesting and what I would want my next role to be.
I found it, almost word for word! I am hoping this is my last job as I can’t imagine a better fit for what I am passionate about. Thank you…You work small wonders in ways you might not see every day.” ~ Joan Piatt, Trade Marketing Manager, Stella and Chewy’s

There’s a pure simplicity to this course I think you’ll enjoy. The classes and exercises support you in managing your personal energy so that you feel more grounded and experience a stronger sense of self-possession. Each week covers one of the 4 steps as well as time for discussion and coaching.

When you mindfully practice these strategies on a consistent basis, your energy becomes refined and with that, you are able to see more clearly the answers to the questions you seek. Focusing your attention on your intention along with effective and easy tools I share during the course, you will no doubt begin to experience frequent synchronicities and more meaningful connections and experiences.

Bonus #1: “The Woo Woo Works!” Video
It’s one thing to get quiet and listen to your inner voice hoping to hear the answer…and another to activate your physical energy to literally show you the answer in real-time. This easy and powerful tool is something I use on a regular basis when faced with big and little decisions from what invite to accept to what to do next with my business.

Bonus #2: “Self-Soothing” Video
If you feel overwhelmed and chaotic, it’s impossible to tune into your instinctual intellect. In situations of stress, it’s key to experiment with different techniques to soothe your mind, body, and soul. In this bonus video, I share my most favorite “go-to” anxiety relievers. These are the ones I use for myself and I think you’ll enjoy them too.

Your power is beyond measure. Isn’t it time you began putting it to good use?

May 5th
May 12th
May 19th
May 26th

Time: 6-7:30pm CST

Cost: $97.00

Place: Zoom Virtual Room